Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Current Projects in Motion

With birthdays and our massive annual Halloween party on the horizon, followed then by the holiday season.. I had an ACK moment about just how little time we have to do some of the things we've been "meaning to get around to".

1. New TV unit for the media room that incorporates more storage. We know what we want, how much it costs, and how much it will hold. It's just a question of getting out to IKEA and then assembling it and putting it into place. The storage will let us unload some of the overflow from DemonPrincess' room regarding toys that she only plays with out in that room, something desperately needed.

2. Moving the existing unit to our bedroom, which involves mass moving of furniture. Like every piece of furniture in this room. >.< We need the storage to make this room more functional - and we'll have to give up our dresser to make room for it.  That part is okay - what we need is shelf storage (which we'll gain), not so much drawer storage for clothing. Of course, since we'll be moving everything anyway..

3. Painting our bedroom, which is still the manila-paper color it was when we moved in 6 years ago. It has not aged well. We've decided on a lovely medium cool gray.

Doesn't seem insurmountable, but there's only so many days in the week that DH has off to do any of it (I can organize, but I can't do any of the heavy lifting or other things).

But the list doesn't stop there. That's just the top 3 I hope to get done before the party.

Also of note:

Fixing the drywall bonks, holes, and scrapes as well as repainting our master bathroom (since the shower rebuild last year that I'm still gripe-y about. I can't believe they don't fix those things as part of the job if they did the damage).

Getting a new master bathroom flooring laid (issues caused by what called for shower replacement in the first place). Getting a new vanity that DOES have drawers because we have zilch for functional storage in this area.

Ripping out the kids' vanity and putting in a smaller one so anyone larger than a gnome can use their toilet.

We still need a big couch downstairs for gathering and entertaining, or just that will hold my 6 foot + DemonSpawn and DemonHusband, plus one dog. We know that expense is going to be massive, so I envision that being put off for quite awhile.

Finishing the library conversion by adding a drybar to the wall that previously housed my desk. Necessary for many reasons, but the top one being that I need easier access to the supply of rum and other things. Especially since it won't be far from the coffee machine as well.

And then? Then there's refinishing the kitchen table that needs to happen, and other "smaller" projects.

What's on YOUR list? How do you decide which get priority? We decided on our top 3 for minimal expense and maximum return.  Those will cost about $300ish to do both rooms and greatly increase function; everything else on the list is going to cost much more and while functionality needs improvement in the other areas, is not as of as much of a bother on a daily basis.

So Much Augh

Every minute I think we'll get a little break, it's back to the blur (coin termed afaik by the wonderful ladies at RantsFromMommyland).

Admittedly, July was fairly quiet. I'll hold on to that thought. August was somewhat crazy with re-organization and cleaning and the usual yearly back to school shopping and planning, as well as re-enrollment and new enrollment for 3 different demonchildren in 3 different schools. That's enough crazy for a good dose of rum.

September has arrived and things still aren't settled down. Now, I won't blog much about this, because I have this resistance to posting anything that sounds "pity me". I have a lot of health problems and mobility issues, and will leave it at that without going into detail. The only reason I've chosen to share this is to explain the logistics of some of the decisions below.

We have requested to add bussing service to home from school at the end of the day for DemonPrincess in her IEP. We may only live 3 blocks from the school, but I can't be a reliably transporter. Her disability means she cannot walk alone; I have not found anyone else to walk with her. DemonSpawn had this duty, until his seizure meds were changed..

We're also going to have to ask about bus service for DS under his 504. The new meds he is taking can inhibit his ability to feel thirst and to sweat - a deadly combination in the 100 degree Texas heat. No walking or bike riding for the foreseeable future.

Have I mentioned neither one of them have ever ridden the bus? That while I think DemonPrincess will be really excited at the idea, I worry about stigmatization with DemonSpawn since it'll be the special education bus and he's in high school? High school kids can be such assholes about such things.

We have an ARD continuance for DemonPrincess tomorrow, except she's sick and I have no sitter. This may not be the last continuance either and I can see it taking over half of September. Just the records request I did has topped 800 pages with no relief in sight. And wow am I getting pissed sorting through those. Some of these people should never have been allowed contact with children.

September 21st will be her birthday. Again we debate - do we try a class-invited party and worry if people will show up/understand her at the party? Do we stick to a family party at home with a couple of friends invited outside of school that do understand her? We can't keep her in a bubble and usually don't, but I'm always so leery about doing something for her birthday that might only cause upset and ruin a nice day for her.

I wish this kid stuff was easier. Don't we all?