Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday's Box of Awesome

Several boxes to cover! Brobox and Allure.

First up, we got our new Brobox in.

They send the "take a survey, get $X" cards every month, it looks like, nailing this right at $11/mo if you do the surveys. Also, you have to order each box (and you can view what's in it ahead of time); it does NOT automatically ship.

Here's the quandary - for me, most of the actual value comes from the "surprise" item. The first box was the credit-card sized multi-tool. DH really liked that. This month, it was one of those hand flex exercisers (which is actually really helpful for DemonDaughter since she has poor hand strength and fine motor skills issues).

The rest of the products were not bad - but they were not stellar, either. I think the theme this month was "wipes". Fresh Balls ..ball wipes. Yes, those balls. More Dude Wipes. Deoderant Wipes. A couple packs of edibles (admittedly, very yummy sounding ones). Some energy drink/immune support singles. The last item was a $25 value card for

I'm not a bro, though, so I have to rely on DemonSpawn and DamnHusband to let me know if they like this box. So far they think it's worth $11 a month to try some new shit. Works for me. That means they don't bitch so much about my beauty boxes, which brings me to the next item..

The Allure 2013 Fall Beauty box! I've always missed them in past years, and decided to pop for two (it's a limit of 2) so that DemonDaughter and I could each have one. At $50 including shipping for *each*, these were spendy. You tell me if you think it was worth it.

What you see IS what you get (with a couple exceptions I will mention below):

Continue on for the review..

The theme to me said definitely "dog days of summer", NOT fall. I'm actually very much okay with this because it's 100 degrees outside and it will stay hot until November here in Texas.

My favorite product - Carol's Daughter hair therapy deep conditioning treatment. I haven't tried it yet, but it smells AMAZING and I can't wait to slather this on and let it really soak in!

Runner up - tthe Airbrush Legs. I've seen this in the drugstore for awhile and would never pop for it, but I've always wanted to try it. I have really pasty legs I have definitely not wanted to show off, and this sounds interesting. I'll make sure to let you know how it turns out.

I actually think I will use nearly every product in this box, with a few exceptions; I got Simple moisturizer, not cleanser, and DD is getting that. (I'm stealing her razors, shaving cream and wax strips though, she uses depilatory). I also loved the lip balm but I know I won't use it (I'm a gloss girl), so she got my one of that as well. She also gets the acne cleanser; I get her anti aging stuff.

The pros: Every single item was full sized, and I checked and it is really close to $300 in value. There is a mix of "basic" and "splurge" products. The packaging was A++++ with thick cardboard dividers AND packing peanuts. Everything came in pristine condition.

The cons: While all of it will get used, I'm still a bit dissappointed. It's obvious that they have a sponsorship with a few select BIG companies (has there ever been a box without the huge Cetaphil?! How about a different lotion, people?!). 5 products by Sally Hansen; 3 by Neutrogena, 2 by Redkin.
ALL of the stand-outs are the singular items - Carol's Daughter; Burt's Bees; KMS; Pixie; etc.

Verdict: C. I may get one the next time it's offered, but only 1. There is enough stuff that's really quite good to make it worth my $ (even in my heaviest couponing days, I could not have saved this much or gotten the quality of a few of the products), but so much of it is.. the same stuff flooding the coupon circulars and commercials that I'm burnt out on it before even using it, or I'm already using it, or I got it really cheap already with a coupon+sale to try out (I'm looking at you, Sally Hansen.)

My advice to Allure: Pick up some more brands, even if they can't all be high end products. Olay has a ton of *Body* moisturizers I'd love to try, but won't pay $7 to do so. Switch up the huge Cetaphil for something different. Tons of conditioner, tons of styling product - no shampoo? Dude. Also, anti-aging products are all the rage, typically expensive - but I really don't need like 7 full size anti aging treatments. Pick a couple good ones to stand behind and add a new category or three instead (Shampoo? Hello?). Exfoliator? Dermabrasion? A masque? How about partnering with Goody, and doing a new hairbrush (we all have one ratty one that really should be replaced... right? I'm not alone here?). Hair ties are all the rage - 1 tie and 1 headband would have been really cool to see. And for all the face stuff and it being a "beauty" box - there's no facial color product at all. The Pixie is actually incredible and I love it, but apparently this box at least is all about "the nude face". A BB or CC cream totally should have been included judging by what's hot and must have, right now. A tinted lip balm, at least? You gave us leg color, but no face color.. dude.