Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TwatWaffle Tuesday - School Enrollment Edition

Much WTFery about today.

A little back story. DemonSpawn went to a charter school for the first two grading periods of 8th grade. Due to some massive douchebags in administration there, we withdrew all of the children  right after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The first WTF we ran into is that our local public schools do some kind of "accelerated instruction" where they take 4 classes per semester, and cover a year's (full 1.0 credit) material within that time. This meant that if he transferred in, he would receive no credit, including the six weeks he attended and was graded for in the remainder of that semester at that school. *feels brain cells die just thinking about it again* Even as an adult, all I could think was "Well, why the hell bother then?"

So, we home schooled. We all hated it. I know some people love it and succeed at it and have amazing kids that do great with it. DemonSpawn does not.

Then, in January, he suffered a large seizure, and over the next few months of panic and neurologist visits and testing, we found out that he has Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME). By the time all of that was sorted out, it was already May.

So here we are. We used a Virtual School for curriculum, and they agreed to let us withdraw him with "incompletes" instead of any grading/failure because of the medical issue. We all knew he'd need to repeat 9th grade this coming year.

But I'm pissed off. The local campus won't give him *any* credit for work he did complete a year's worth of unless the virtual school graded it *or* he can do credit by exam. CBE is fine with us, but they don't offer it for French or some of the other subjects he should absolutely have credits for (they only do it for English, Math, Science, Social Studies courses). We were counting on these so he would have more electives this year to ease him back into things without too much pressure from too many subjects, especially since he's never done this "accelerated learning" thing.

I'm not even getting into the 504 plan and bussing issues I talked to the registrar about.

Bah, humbug. I know what to do and will win this little bullshit battle, but I cannot for the life of my understand how the state of education here got to be so absolutely, positively, fucked up regarding transfer students.