Friday, August 9, 2013

The Best of the Best, Part I

I am overflowing in both Vega bags now of stuff I'm hoarding to giveaway to some lucky people! There were some concerns about using Rafflecopter on the last contest, so I'm looking for another widget to try instead.

I have really gotten my money's worth, so I'm very happy with all the things I've gotten. There's always going to be a few things from each sample box or subscription box that we won't use, though, for various reasons. I've kept one re-usable bag downstairs to collect supplements and food; upstairs in my bathroom is another bag for beauty and skincare. I have gotten a LOT of boxes in the past 30 days though, which means things are piling up.

The winning *products* I want to mention are as follows (things we sampled, then bought full sizes of):
  • 1. FOE hair ties - Birchbox (I went with Etsy for about 30c each). There is a monthly sub box for these as well, but I'd rather support a WAHM. These things are awesome. I don't know if they'll stand the test of time, but they really do a good job of being grippy enough to stay in the hair, but smooth enough to come out easily without pulling a single hair. I've never seen another hair holder manage that. I'm really amazed.
  • 2. SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins (for adults) - Vega bag. DH and I both got a month's worth. Damn things really do taste like very juicy, super yummy, gumdrops. I got a good deal and I'm seeing them pop up on special several places lately, including LivingSocial. This is the first time in forever that I'm willingly taking a daily multivitamin.
  • 3. Flavorz - KLUTCH Club, Conscious Box. My only complaint with these is that I would like some packaging similar to Mio etc. I like the product much better though and the taste is really good.
  • 4. KIND bars - Vega bag. We are officially addicted. Even on sale, they are pretty expensive, but neither DH nor I are good about having any sort of breakfast. That has now changed. It's small enough that I can manage to eat it in the morning (I have issues), packed with protein, low in sugar, so many wonderful things. It also tastes fantastic. I love the Ginger Cashew, it's got a spicy bite to it without being overwhelming.
  • 5. Cocomels - Hello Flo. I have not actually bought more of these, but Santa is getting a request for a big package of these instead of Godiva this year. They were just that good. I had the Sea Salt ones and just love that, it keeps it from being too sweet. You can really taste the coconut flavor.
  •  6. Dollar Shave Club's $6 sub. The blades really are just as good as the Fusion DH was using, and so much cheaper. I do wish they offered some other monthly options though, like 6 or 8 blades per month; DH has VERY thick, dark facial hair and while he changes blades weekly, I really think he should more often. They *have to be* dulled after 3-4 shaves with his facial hair type and expanse. What can I say, I married Sasquatch.
  • 7. Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit - Vega Bag. I was not a fan of their apples (the sample we received), preferring the Brothers All Natural we've been buying for years. However, I bought a couple bags of the Banana Acai (Purple Funk, iirc), and those were really good. I am always looking for less perishable foods higher in potassium (I take blood pressure meds) and am glad to have found these. They are a bit pricey however and it's a bit much to eat an entire bag in one serving (they don't keep well once opened, becoming chewy rather than crisp).
  • 8. 100% Pure Coconut Body Cream - Birchbox. I love that it's a more natural product, but what I love more is how well it works. I'm loving it. The scent is coconut while managing to NOT smell like sunblock, somehow. Very good.
  • 9. Scent -  Grapefruit, by Fresh. - various boxes, I ended up with 4 samples. I think most came from sample bag w/purchases. My body chemistry turns any scent that uses any sort of "musk" note into straight "baby powder smell". Doesn't matter what else it was supposed to smell like, all you can smell on me is baby powder. This limits me often to either florals or sweet notes; and I don't really like either most of the time. This one delivered. It's not "Teen Sweet", it has a hint of spice and just has this wonderfully clean and delicious, crisp scent to it. I'm not sure if I'll feel the same way in winter, but this is my new go-to summer perfume.
  • 10. Revlon's Just Bitten lip balm stain - Birchbox. I tend to go more high end on my beauty products, but am  switching to this lip stain. It doesn't have the same staying power, unfortunately, as my beloved Josie Maran, but I'll tell you what it does have - BUILT IN limp plumper. I could feel the tingle immediately. A 3 in 1 product for 1/6th the price of the ones I was using??? Sign me up, yo! So it plumps, it stains, AND it has a built in moisturizing top coat. It's like the perfect lip product. Which means of course that it will probably be discontinued soon.