Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Plans Are Coming Together, Pinky

I promised a project update, so here it is. I'm not redoing the laundry room (collective sigh of relief), but after 2 years, it needed to evolve a bit. I also found some cool products that matched my color scheme (aqua, royal blue, and white). So it is getting a reorganization.

This is kind of what the laundry room looks like right now:

(ANTONIUS shelving system and a "hacked" EXPEDIT tv unit with LEKMAN and TROFAST boxes from IKEA. Wow that is a lot of capital letters. Anyway. It works great and is functional, but the little blue baskets above the machines are too far back and out of my reach; and it just looks messy up there. I also hated the plain stick on labels on the bins and a different attempt using velcro and bigger labels I could re-do easily, wasn't so easy.)

So, I'm planning to get 6 of these (2 will fit per shelf above the machines, 3 shelves, and they are big enough to fill the whole depth so that I can reach them).

Is that not totally the perfect colors, or what?! Since we're coming to the end of summer, they will hold the swimsuits, swim towels, extra linens, and the dog supplies and rags all neat and pretty. I'm opting not to do them along the top since the toilet paper won't exactly fit inside them. The top shelf is just full of TP (because I am cheap and buy it really cheap on sale because it's the only brand I like. Deal with it. OCD, I haz it.)

And then I found these awesome labels from the Martha Stewart and Avery collection at Staples to go on my dark blue bins:

I hate this picture, because that's jusr a horrid combination to me. But the labels are just light aqua with a white border - perfect! I'll write on them in dark blue and I think they will look snazzy and cool.

Finally, I updated my cleaning tools thanks to something stellar I happened across on Zulily. I couldn't resist, because hey - my color scheme!

Yes, this is a totally a chick thing. Everybody else can wait for tomorrow for a BIG WoW update.

Of course, that meant I needed (ok, wanted!) a new cleaning caddy. The kids hate lugging the big one with full size products around (and so do I) for jobs that really don't require an entire 18oz bottle of something for cleaning. 

So I found these awesome plastic blue spray bottles, and a little mesh tote to carry them, a microfiber rag (yep... blue.. how did ya guess?), and a Mr Clean Eraser in. 

I'll post again when it's all put together (and things have arrived and been purchased like the Como bins). Excited!