Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WoW Wednesday

First, the usual Panser vid, because I totally love her and #TradeChat.

So, remember when I was all nerd-raged over the Legendary Quest DPS Challenge for the cloak? I decided I had plateau'd and that was ok.

Except I didn't.

First, I signed in last week the day after I posted, and I immediately went to pound on that cloak quest. Thanks to some reading and understanding more about how to drop aggro, I did it in 2 attempts and no deaths! BOO YAH! I'm not sure who was more suprised, my guild or me.

Almost a month ago, I started looking into moving to an Oceanic realm because I want to be offline in the evenings when the demons need me the most, not on a computer having to be left alone because "Mommy's raiding". Oceanic realms are Australia, Singapore, etc; late night raiding for them is early morning for me.

Sunday, I got a trial acceptance from an Oceanic guild who had the time slot available that I needed - 830am-1130am. I am going from raiding about 5-6 hours a week total to 9+ hours total though as they raid 3 days a week, not 2. (I don't see this as a bad thing at all as long as it's not *in the evening*).

Less than 18 hours later I had said my goodbyes, packed up my stuff, transferred over, and was raiding with the new group for the first time. Bosses I've never even attempted on normal before; 25 man instead of 10 man.

It was epic.

I had a BLAST. They move so fast and are pretty good at identifying what went wrong. For the most part if there is a wipe, the second everyone has eaten again the pull comes. This momentum was amazing. I didn't even realize 3 hours had gone by. It was stressful not knowing the fights very well, being worried about them thinking I sucked.. but on the other hand, I wasn't actually horrible, and I survived 90% of the time (unless the group wiped).

We took down Primordius and Animus and made several attempts and progressed on Iron Qon but didn't down him. Today after the reset, we blew through Jinrok, Horridon, Council, Tortos, and Jikun. Tomorrow we'll be starting on Durumu - I am worried about this one because I fail at the maze. I have offline things to do but need to run it on LFR for maze practice when I can today.

I'm not sure how good a fit the guild is personality wise, and outside of the raid time - I don't think I'm on when most of them are, and vice versa. Culturally it's a bit different as well (which I actually like, but is taking some getting used to as well).

Perhaps this will be the next step that propels me off the plateau and I will continue to improve (that's what I'm hoping). The fights that I did know, I was pulling good DPS and mostly staying out of the things I needed to be and hitting the correct targets. The fights I did not know, I was around 10-15th on DPS or messed up mechanically; hopefully with more runs those later fights will smooth out the way the first ones did.

As luck would have it, the loot drops I actually need are off the *last three bosses*. (Fark you, Blizz). I have not yet seen those (since we didn't drop Iron Qon) but am hoping to as well.