Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WoW Wednesday

Yeah, I was running a day behind with the previous post, sorry about that!

Here's Panser's TradeChat channel video for WoW this week.

Last night in raid we again successfully downed the first 3 bosses of ToT and moved on to Tortos. Tortos whoops our ass. There is just so much rockfall going on!

I dont understand this. I've even watched videos of it being done on heroic, and there totally looks like a lot less rockfall going on than we're seeing. I counted 5 different circles around me at one point, all overlapping. They look more isolated in videos. Not sure what's going on there.

In other news, trying to Legendary questline continuance for the ilvl 600 legendary cloak. The DPS challenge (the only one I can do; warlocks can't heal others or sustained tank) is extremely hard. After 7 wipes with no progress made at all (pretty much instant death when the adds came out) I nerd raged.

This is frustrating me as much as the warlock green fire quest.

I feel like I've just finally hit the ceiling of my playing ability. Until (and if) I can cross the next threshold of ability (improved reaction, movement, awareness of mechanics) I am on a plateau.

You know what?

I didn't pick up WoW to be an elite hardcore raider. I played it for fun. I got involved in raiding, and things sort of took off over several months leading to where I'm at now - I went too fast, I have been carried in some ways, and I constantly worry about holding back my team.

I don't think I've even seen T13 heroic - why am I doing T15 progression? There are still T14 normal kills that I have not seen. Sure I have gotten to see the content in LFR but it's incredibly not the same thing.

What I love about raiding is being with a group of people that get my humor and that are having fun doing the raid. I don't want it faceroll easy - I enjoy positioning, strategy, how our different roles work together and how to support each other. I like putting on my headphones and signing into Ventrilo and hearing all these voices chatter while we play. If we mess up, we'll wipe - and we'll get back up and try again. 

To a point.

I don't find wiping on the same boss 20-30 times over a period of weeks to be any fun at all. I am under incredible stress of as-instant-as-I-can reaction to *everything* so that I don't stand in shit, don't endanger someone else, or don't pull the numbers being counted on me to do to such an extent that if I screw up say 2 things out of *90*, it will contribute to us wiping. 

I do not enjoy that. I think auto-death abilities of bosses or add damage that is so freaking huge that it can kill you in 2-3 hits (especially since I play a class that cannot kite well) is effing ridiculous, and I've thought that since the first time I encountered it. Yes, if you stand in the purple puddle of death, you should expect to die within a range of time that is somewhere between "instant" and "a full thirty seconds". It should hit you hard enough that you CAN'T ignore it and steamroll through it. It should not hit you so hard that if your reaction time is slightly off, you're dead (I'm looking at you, quicksand PLUS rooted TO the quicksand of death. Really?!)

But I do understand that some people do enjoy these things, or that they are so much better players than me they need that additional challenge to make the content a challenge for them. And that's ok.

So if you're in an Oceanic realm and do late night raiding of anything previous to ToT, hit me up please. I'd like to learn Dragonsoul and Firelands and get the achievements and do the challenge of them on Heroic. I'd like to be part of an Empress kill. I'd like to take on Mogushan Vaults and learn the Heroic mechanics of it.

"Slow down" was the message of Pandaria. Why is no one listening?