Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cleaning Caddy and Laundry Room

The Evolution continues!

My blue plastic spray bottles came in and are a little smaller than I figured. I got 2oz ones, but am going to get 4oz ones later (I'll find another use for these, don't worry!).

Bottles are filled with Pledge; Rinse Free Floor Cleaner; Wood Cleaner; Concentrated Cleaner; Rubbing Alcohol; Wood Oil; Vinegar; and Glass Cleaner. All of the essentials! Those are some of the new Avery labels that I mentioned; aren't they perfect? And my OCD made me use a matching Sharpie color to label them.

Those went into the caddy, which holds some microfiber cleaning cloths, a tiny dustpan and sweeper set, scrubber, toothbrush for nooks and crannies, Febreeze, Bleach Pen, and reusable rubber gloves.

It gets a home of its own in the laundry cabinet (EXPEDIT) in the laundry room.

I'm going to use the little labels I used on the bottles to label those blue trinket bins shown above as well. DH also hung the "thingie" on the wall for me that holds the brooms and stuff.


Then I got to work. Man, the velcro dots I used for my previous labeling attempt are a real bitch to remove, so you don't get a complete pic yet. But here's the new Avery labels that have replaced them.

Sorry for the glare; I really need to do something to diffuse the overhead lighting in this room. I guess I'll add that to the list! 

The last thing I have left to do is get the bins from the Container Store for over the washing machines, and I'll be using the fabric labels on those as well. I can't actually label all of the hard plastic bins above, yet, until I do that and re-sort them. I am throwing out some old things, and possibly moving some other supplies from around the house down here to free up those areas better (under the bathroom sinks like extra shampoo, shower gels, etc). 

 I got so much accomplished this weekend and am so happy about that. It really is coming together.