Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Things Raven Is Not Allowed To Do in Raid (Part 1)

(Original credit goes to Skippy's List that I have always enjoyed.)

If you're not familiar with the term, "Raid" refers to my weekly guild event on World of Warcraft. Ten people form a connected group and then attempt to defeat powerful bosses together. We voice chat (Vent) at the same time to help enable quick communication. If we have less than ten people, we will sometimes bring people from outside the core group in to make the number needed to Raid.

Ravyn is my blood-elf Warlock.

Things I'm not allowed to do in raid anymore, Part 1 

  1. Turn the tank into a bunny right as we pull the boss
  2. /Pet the hunter's pet snake, Trouser
  3.  Pull All The Things
  4. ERP with death knights or anyone else during break 
  5. Steal the undead healer's jaw
  6. Talk in Creepy Little Girl voice over Vent
  7. Play "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" over Vent
  8. Play or even threaten to Play "MmmBop" over Vent
  9. /Snort the Funereal Dust
  10. Ride Horridon (giant dinosaur raid boss)
  11. Ride any raid bosses 
  12. Jump for the invisible boat or any other object I have been told is there and just invisible
  13. Die to the elevator boss on purpose because the mage saved you once
  14. Tell new people to jump down the Elevator Boss as a shortct, even if they are annoying.

*ERP stands for Erotic Role Play, something a particular server is known for and constantly made fun of

I'm sure there will be more..