Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

Won't be blogging much this weekend; too busy! DemonSpawn is out with a friend to the Nasher Sculpture Center, and then possibly to see "Pacific Rim"; DemonDaughter is off at my stepdad's for the weekend; DemonPrincess is all alone at home with me and keeping me on my toes!

I have several things I'll try to give a quick update on.

The Lawn Idiots - have not emailed me back since I found multiple other mistakes they had made and insisted they correct all of them before I would even consider paying;

School Registration - the great hunt for all the documents I need to make sure all 3 kids are taken care of with school continues;

First World Problems - just fired our biweekly maid service for not showing up at all yesterday, but interviewing someone tomorrow to come for a couple hours a day, 4 days a week (about the same cost as the service was charging me)

Reviews - Lengthy article about and my adventures with them

Projects - I'm procrastinating doing my laundry room, because I ordered bins and thought they'd be here, but they are not yet.

See you on Monday, I've got an excellent recipe to share (with pictures!)