Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family Resemblances

I received a very unexpected message on Facebook today, from my mother's first husband. He was kind enough to send me some pictures of her. Until today I don't think I'd seen any from before her high school graduation pic (or if I had, it wasn't often or something I had access to with regularity).

My mother passed away in June of 2011. It's been very hard being without her. We didn't have a typical mother/daughter relationship, but we had a good adult one. She was very kind hearted, and my kids have many good memories of their Granny. She is sorely missed.

I was struck by the picture of her because I'd been told for some time how much my middle daughter resembled her; I could see a slight bit of that, but not a lot. In this picture, I can really see it. I'm told this one is from 6th grade, so I'm posting a photo of DD1 from 6th grade so the ages are very close.

Is there someone in your family (parent or otherwise) that you greatly resemble?