Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Decent deal for the Eco Friendlies

Drugstore.com is running a large Vega sample bag with the purchase of $75 or more from the Green store section of the site (such as "Eco Home"). The GE LED lightbulbs qualify for this.

I ordered 4 since I've been wanting to try them and do a review on the light quality, plus some Method dishwashing soap refills (I love this soap, in the Clementine scent) and granite polish. There are some coupons available if you like or use Bee Soap (B3G1F at 1.59), Chicken Poop Lip Balm (B2G1F), and some Tom's toothpastes if you want to maximize savings. I didn't worry about it since I had drugstore dollars I needed to use in the next week. My total was $62 shipped.

Simply visit Drugstore.com (non affiliate link) and click on the banner that looks like this: