Monday, July 15, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Box Review

Popsugar is a very interesting company that offers a basic "Must Have" monthly box, as well as curated ones by Ashton Kutcher, P!nk, a celebrity chef, and others. I happen to love P!nk but wanted to try out the "basic" box first.

I am a little underwhelmed. I really had my hopes up after seeing May's box that had a hat that I fell in love with, a book that I would 100% read, and some other neat stuff. At one of the more expensive options - $39 per month - this is really something where I need to love it in order to keep it.

I didn't love it. I am SO SAD that I missed the May box.

  • A rose gold double chain from and a 20% off coupon to BaubleBar. This is actually a stunning piece of jewelry; I am just not a fan of gold. Personal preference only. For the vast majority, this beautiful piece will be well worth the price of the box and more. 
  • A large cube silicone ice cube try. This is the type designed to have only 1 cube in a drink so that you get less watered down drinks. Again, probably something really cool, but with an automatic ice maker, something I'm very unlikely to use.
  • Full size of Supergoop! SPF 30 sunscreen. Totally summer appropriate, and an excellent brand. This will get used.
  • Full size box of Mighty Leaf tea. (I'm being overrun with tea, here). Again nothing bad or horribe, just a very "meh" thing.
  • Dark chocolate chocolate chip Cookie Chips. EXCELLENT idea - but I didn't care for it. They reminded my husband and myself of the slightly-overdone bits of the bottoms of cookies. They were not bad but it's not something I'd take pleasure in eating. The good side is they are what they say, and have some crunch, and you can eat cookies in the style of potato chips! We're giving these to the kids.
  • Full size bottle of NCLA nailpolish in a muddy lavendar shade. I've really been looking forward to trying this brand, but the shade does nothing for me (and my 13 year old daughter disliked it as well.) This is another that will come down to personal preference.

Verdict: C, which bodes badly for such a high priced box. I am not sure if I will give this one another month, or try one of the more curated boxes that they offer instead (and that will rely on if there's a coupon available, honestly).