Monday, July 22, 2013

Lots of Posts Today!

I'm going to give a little rundown of what to expect from this blog. Plus, I totally suck at planning out what to write, so a little structure is good.

Monday Link A Thon because my brain is fried on Monday and so is yours:
  • A link up to OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday
  • Links to posts I liked from blogs that I enjoy, such as RantsFromMommyLand
  • Links to deals I've collected from the past week to share with you
TwatWaffle Tuesday because what else am I going to do while WoW does weekly maintenance?
  • Negative stuff that's going on, in your world or mine. We all need a place to vent. Given our Adventures In Disabilties, this is likely to be about dealing with schools since it's about to be August.
    Wednesday WoW Roundup because I raid on Tuesdays, yo. 
    • Embedding one of Panser's WoW youtube vids, or some other cool WoW video
    • Discussing aspects of the game or funny things that have happened during the past week
    • If viewership rises to the point that I can afford to do it, the First Wednesday of the month, I will give away either a 30 day PlayTime card for WoW, or a virtual item from the Blizz store for WoW content
    Thursday Box of Awesome every day in my house has awesome boxes. Empty boxes can be awesome, just ask my kids.
    • Reviewing at least one item I seriously couldn't live without, and don't think you should, either
    • Linking up to the reviews of subscription boxes that have come in the past week
    Friday Challenge because it's not quite the weekend yet
    • Asking you to join me in a project - virtual or real 
    • Showcasing a previous organization that I have done, filling in back content to bring the blog up to date, then proceeding with current projects from then on
    Saturdays don't get blogged because that's the day I'm taking off. However, follow us on twitter because my phone can go to the park, grocery store, and other places my computer can't.

    Hangover Sunday because I raid Saturday nights, yo. Dungeons and Drinking, Arrr!
    • Sharing the weirdest crap our kids have said or we have found ourselves saying to them this week.