Monday, July 15, 2013

LoveWithFood Review

My first subscription box review for you!

LoveWithFood - I paid $2 for this month, it's $12 recurring.

The box was smaller than I expected, but part of the proceeds are used to feed the hungry ("1 box, 1 meal") so I do take that into consideration. In fact, July's box benefitted the Oklahoma Food Bank for TWO meals! 

This month's theme was "Fun on the Boardwalk" - some pink sea salt caramel popcorn, a bbq beef stick (approx 3" long), Spicy Bloody Mary peanut packet, 2 pieces of orange salt water taffy, 4 of those little Twangerz salt packets (lime, pickle etc), 1 full size hard sourdough pretzel, a fig and strawberry full size bar, and a small pack of Necco wafers.

 photo IMG_0340_zps516a5cda.jpg

Everything fit the theme well and was cute, and I love how part of this goes to charity, but $12 is a bit steep for what it seems to include 6 samples basically, and 2 full size items. 

Taste Testers Agree:

Pink Sea Salt Caramel - could have been amazing, but the sea salt is really chunky for popcorn, and our bag seemed to have a LOT of it. I never thought I'd say popcorn was too salty, but this one was. 

BBQ Beef stick - I stole it and NOMNOMNOM'd it to death. It was excellent.

Spicy Bloody Mary Peanuts - Just what they say, but the aftertaste is weird. No one really cared for these.

Salt Water Taffy - always a winner.

Pretzel - good, but it's hard to screw up a hard pretzel. It was a nice full size and everyone liked it.

Fig and Strawberry bar - I found this to be too sweet, but the kids loved it.

Verdict: C. With that said, the food boxes are probably a lot more well done in the winter months for shipping purposes (chocolate, etc). I'm surprised they could find enough food that wouldn't melt in this heat, so with that said, I'm up for trying it again in November. DD1 absolutely loved it and said she'd pay for this one out of her allowance, haha, so I guess we'll go one more (hot) month on it and see what happens in the August box.

Current coupon code is FBGIFT - get your first box for only $2 shipped. If nothing else, you get a few snacks and feed the hungry. You really can't beat that. Check them out at LoveWithFood.