Monday, July 15, 2013

LootCrate Review

So our LootCrate came, and it's a Box of Awesome!

This month's theme was "Varsity" for Video Game High School. (which I've never heard of, but this box made sure that didn't really matter!)


  • Full Season 1 DVD of Video Game High School
  • Sonic the Hedgehog air freshener (dd2 totally stole this. She's in love with Sonic. She thinks he's real.)
  • C3PO ear buds (I saw these on ThinkGeek for $15-$20!)
  • Storm Trooper in a varsity jacket sticker (I giggle every time I look at this. I bet he has a hard time keeping his grades up in Spot the Droid class..)
  • Captain America Pez dispenser and candy! I love PEZ! That sweet, tasty, goodness.
  • A pencil that says "Emergency Wireless Keyboard". I'm totally sneaking this into DS' school supplies..
  • VGHS button set in a poly bag. (These are cooler than they sound, if buttons are your thing. I like jabbing them into my corkboard wall thing).
I'm estimating retail value here of $45-$50. Not bad at all! DH was like a kid on Christmas morning during the unboxing. Now he's begging for a BootyBin subscription... we'll see, I still have to defeat him to steal that pencil as my winnings..