Monday, July 22, 2013

We're Looking!

First of all, I'm committed to keeping this blog limited to ads that I have personally added to the site - whether it's a subscription box, graphics service, WAHM business, or products I personally use from Amazon.

I will NOT be enabling AdSense or any other 3rd party ad targeting. We all get enough of that from Facebook, right?!

There are things that I would like to do to make the blog somewhat self supportive, though. Thanks to Blogger, there are minimal operating costs (domain registration yearly, graphics, etc). If there's anything that pays out "real money" - such as Amazon - I am committed to using those proceeds for additional product reviews, or even giveaways on the blog.

What can you do to help?

1. Please use my referral links if you decide to sign up with a service or product I've reviewed or promoted. This may enable me to continue a subscription I might otherwise have needed to rotate out to review others (since my goal is to review as much for you as I possible can, but I do not have a Tree of Infinite Wealth).

2. Send me a gifted box from a service you'd like to see me review. If I've signed up with one, you will see them on the Reviews page without a hyperlink. If I've received it and reviewed it already, a hyperlink to the review post will be included. If you gift me a box, I will include YOUR referral link within the review!

3. Send me products that you'd like me to try, review, and promote. If you own the business (or are an independent consultant), I'll give you free ad space in return (this may either be in post format, or sidebar rotation).

4. Make suggestions of things you'd like to see, and participate in the discussions. I am casting a wide net currently, that will eventually narrow based on responses (and whether or not we as a family personally use or enjoy certain ones).

Please send all submissions to