Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why I Love World of Warcraft

For many, many years, I was - and used the term - a "WoW Widow". The term was used to refer to being the wife of a World of Warcraft player. It was the subject of much frustration at times. I just could NOT understand what the deal was with this stupid game!

Finally, another acquaintance of mine turned out to be a player, and got me to sign up for the free trial to check it out. By this point, I was very familiar with games such as the Sims, and had played a couple other MMO's for a short period of time, never finding one I really liked that held my interest.

An addiction was born. Now I think it's my poor husband that's a WoW Widower (but thanks for getting the kids to bed while I hopped on for Raid sweetie <3) We do play together when possible, but our main characters are on different servers for various reasons, and the game doesn't currently let you raid the most current content with groups made from different servers.

So why do I love WoW? First, because this game is straight up hilarious at times. It remains somewhat family-friendly and Safe For Work while still making a ton of references to pop culture and innuendos.

Panser (WoW Insider) does some decent videos on listing some of them out, so I'm going to leave that to her. Even if you don't play, you can enjoy some of the in jokes and references here.