Monday, July 15, 2013

KlutchClub "Best of" Box

I snagged this box on a special deal (the box was free, just pay $8 for shipping). I thought shipping was a bit high, but when this box arrived, I was blown away! It definitely cost that much to ship, I can tell you that. KlutchClub looks pretty amazing. A quick search on YouTube reviews shows that they they do these "Best of" boxes nearly every quarter, and it sounds like there is always a code that makes them $10 or less. So keep your eyes peeled for the fall box? I will definitely post it and any applicable codes. It does appear to sign you up for repeating boxes, so remember to CANCEL if you don't want it every month!

ETA: I just cancelled the recurring, and it was a super easy one button push under "My Account" with 1 "are you sure you want to cancel?" message. Done! I like companies that make this easy. It APPEARS as if I still have an *account*, but not the *subscription*, which is what I am hoping for so that I can order the next "Best of" box without committing to a monthly.

Inside was a plethora of really cool goodies that I can't wait to dig into with the kids!

  • a full CD of Celtic music (my son already stole this, I'll have to grab the title later. How did they know we love this, because other things were sent in other boxes, the CD title was random. Woohoo!)
  • 8, yes EIGHT Flavorz "Energize" water flavorings. Turns out we really love these things and I love that they aren't packed full of icky stuff.
  • Crunchmaster's crackers in Sea Salt (GF product)
  • Korum megasqueeze Big 3 Lemon Nectar. This is an omega 3 liquid supplement in a "refill" type pouch. Given the weight of this and the actual serving size (2 teaspoons daily) this is actually a LARGE full size of the product. DemonPrincess said it is delicious, as well.
  • Mr Pink zero caffeine energy drink, also full sized (like a RedBull size).
  • Zoy premium vegetable oil 100% soybean with added B vitamins(for cooking). We got 2 packets, which is plenty to try as we actually don't usually use oil at all. I will make the effort to try it to let you know how it is.
  • Soyjoy bars - 1 cranberry, 1 dark chocolate cherry full size bars. We love these already. Yum!
  • Hemp Hearts Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds looks kind of like a granola/flax alternative.
  • Guam Seaweed Mud. This is actually a spa type product, you put it on, wrap in saran wrap, and sweat for 45 minutes. I am crazy enough to try this!
  • 1 month gift card to (no purchase necessary, redeems like an iTunes card, very cool!).