Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday's Funny Shite

We had friends over for dinner (STEAKS! and sweet potatoes! and spinach! NOM NOM NOM) and to hang out and play Munchkin. Much hilarity ensued.

First, we needed to keep DemonPrincess entertained so we could actually play, so DamnHusband gave her his bag of dice. This kept her busy for all of about 4 nanoseconds, then she dissappeared with them. We found dice in her bed, hidden under the pillow. The best part though was that she decided she needed a dice bag as well - so she took off her socks and shoes and made one.

Yep. A sock. Works in a pinch. Doesn't make dice smell too good though. And the dog kept trying to eat it.

Oh yes. Our dog has a shoe fetish. I don't mean the typical "goes after discarded shoes to chew on them" behavior. If he sees a shoe, he FREAKS THE FUCK OUT. If it's on your feet, he chases it and tries to bite it. In a box? Bark bark bark growl. Sitting down? Um, sorry about the hump job, dear visitor. And the dog hair.

And the funny comments from yesterday which I am not including the context of so that they sound even more wrong than they were (but actually they were all really almost THAT wrong.)

"Get your hand out of your butt"

"+1 Slimy Armor. FOREVER ALONE!" "Yeah, the slimy part has a lot to do with that, probably".

"NO! You cannot touch my boobs! NO! ..... I feel violated".

"Congrats, you're a unicorn"
"No, he's extra horny."

"Thank you so much for that slap in the face".

See ya tomorrow!