Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welcome to my Asylum!

You may know me from our previous journeys or social sites. You may have read one of my blogs. Or maybe we met at one of Meltini's infamous parties (heh).


When I first started blogging, I was overwhelmed at being a mom to two children, one of whom had some sort of undiagnosed special need. In the years that followed, that became three children. After ten years of advocating, my middle daughter was finally diagnosed with Autism (along with ADHD, OCD, and generalized anxiety disorder). On the heels of her diagnosis our youngest was also diagnosed with a more severe form of both ADHD and Autism. This past January, our neurotypical eldest DemonSpawn had a grand mal seizure, and was ultimately diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy.

So now I'm really freaking overwhelmed. 

*takes a deep breath*

But we keep plugging on. Sometimes there is screaming. Sometimes there are tears. (Don't bother putting me on a pedestal, I already broke it). There are always hugs and kisses and a lot of honest and open communication. 

Instead of having seperate blogs about my organization projects, shopping and coupons, and special needs advocacy, it made more sense to re-launch as a more general blog and let things show how they all work together for us, and give a better picture of our lives together. So this blog came to be.

While I haven't determined the way it will go yet, I will be doing certain subjects on certain days routinely here on the blog. You can also use the handy buttons at the top to see my tweets, facebook updates, pinterest, etc which will be updated more often (I love my phone. It's schmexy)

For quick reference, the people in my blog are referred to as:

DH - Dear (or Damn) Husband
DS - Dear (or Demon) Spawn, eldest boy
DD1 - eldest Dear (or Demon) Daughter
DD2 - youngest Dear (or Demon) Daughter
Meltini - my sister in law who is crazy awesome wonderful and does roller derby and has an ubercute kid and throws the BEST PARTIES EVER.