Monday, July 15, 2013

Birchbox Review

I am totally in love with Birchbox! Birchbox has approximately a 1 month waiting list, and costs $10 per month including shipping.

This month's box contained the following. I was so excited I made a fangirl squirrel squee. It was embarassing, really.

- Benefit's "Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow" deluxe foundation sample (I LOVE Benefit, as most of you know. Love it so very very very much. I know from experience in trying to pack lightly for trips that their "deluxe sample" sizes are perfect - and you can only get them through special offers like with a purchase at Sephora or Benefit online, OR you can buy them.. for $10 a pop. That's the cost of my Birchbox right off the bat!)

- N4 instant detangling spray (we go through detangling spray here like Cookie Monster goes through cookies)

- Three - yes, three - deluxe packets of  100% Pure coconut body cream (dd1 was in desperate need of this. Poor thing with fast growth, she's even got stretch marks on her shoulders)

- Small sample of an SPF 30 sunscreen (will update later with name, dd1 ran off with it, we also go through sunscreen like crazy)

- Tantowel tanning wipe. (This is the only thing going into the "giveaway" pile, we just don't use this kind of thing.)

4 out of 5 hits in one box! I'm really impressed. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

I logged into my account, and found they'd given me $10 credit for joining!

They have these 2 neat special edition boxes they emailed me about, a luxe one for $18 and a mainstream for $12 - or buy both for $26. I also wanted to order some of the Cocoa cream for dd1 and that pushed me over $35. The deal with *that* is that you get to then add 2 more sample kits to your cart *for FREE* and you can choose mystery or one that tells you what's in it. I chose a hair twistie and nail polish that's a neat shade.

And THEN for the coup de grace, I used the code that came in my July Birchbox for a free deluxe sample of Benefit's ChaChaTint (unlike their other liptints, this one is HARD to get a deluxe sample of unless you want to shell out $10!). Limit one code per purchase (I had like 11 codes so that made me a little sad, but that would have been too cool to be allowed to happen, anyway.)

If you DID sign up and got your box - use your $10 credit on the mainstream limited box and get it for $2 shipped :) Good deal there too!

Verdict: A+ I am definitely keeping this subscription and it was worth waiting for!