Monday, July 15, 2013

Bonjour Jolie Review

Bonjour Jolie "time of the month" (T.O.M. box) subscription. $21 per month. 

The mailing box was discrete. Postage on the box recorded as $5.35. 

Pros: VERY beautiful and tasteful packaging with fabric rose petals, little tulle bags for the pampering stuff, pretty tissue paper, etc. (SO pretty!) Did contain exactly what I specified for my flow. A big pro here for those who like it, this company really supports WAHM's and family businesses; even the tea packets were from Bigelow. My other goodies were from wahm businesses. Organic and Vegan were represented well in the box I received. The crocheted face scrubby is neat; who doesn't have a breakout that time of the month?

 photo IMG_0323_zps2356794d.jpg photo IMG_0326_zps46c6ba37.jpg

Cons: The packaging wow-ed me more than the actual contents did. A sari? I guess it does fit a summer theme (And it is a pretty color) - but my fat butt can't use it lol (this item was probably really nice for those who can use it, actually. It's just a size issue here). The bath bomb is actually really nice, but it's super tiny. 

 photo IMG_0328_zps23d738f9.jpg

Some suggestions: Initial boxes would be really nice to ship with a WAHM purse size reusable wetbag (instead of the seasonal theme, not in addition to). "Feminine wipes" would be a nice addition to the supplies kit. A WAHM aromatherapy stress pulse point oil is acceptable in a tiny size and would really be helpful for those with PMS. Instead of body lotion, how about "cooling" foot lotion for those who swell? 

Verdict: B. This is a company I would like to support. However, I have a literal ton of stocked up TOM supplies, so I'm cancelling for now until that supply has dwindled. If Bonjour Jolie is still up and running at that time (and I hope that they are) I will happily resubscribe and not have to worry about TOM since they supply everything so customized!