Monday, July 29, 2013

Link Up Monday!

OrgJunkie's Menu Monday. My contribution... uh. Hmm. I haven't even had breakfast yet, it's hard to think about dinner already. And I'm tired. That always means... THE CROCKPOT! Honestly if you ever see a recipe from me on a Monday that does not involve my beautiful, stainless steel, CrockPot - the body snatchers have gotten to me. Send help.

Recipe for Success:

2/3 box of mini farfalle or penne pasta (it's the mini that's important for the 4 hour timing. If you use bigger or thicker noodles, you may need a little more water and 6 hours).
2 jars Vodka Sauce
(add just enough hot water to each jar to get the rest of the yummy sauce out. Not too much, about 1/2 inch or so)
1/2 bag frozen Italian style meatballs
Cook on low for 4 hours (if you go longer with this one it gets mushy, so kick it down to "warm" if you need to leave it in longer).
Serves 8

Enjoy... we all do!

LifeHacks from Buzzfeed

I normally HATE Buzzfeed, but I actually found some usable ideas here, like a magnet strip for bobby pins; we already have coat hooks in the kids bath but idiot me never thought about a shelf over it and I actually have one we can use; and StickOnPods may just become my new crack habit.

I really love the look of the two shower curtains parted in the middle, but I could not reconcile this idea with it being functional in a bathroom shared by two teenagers and a very messy DemonPrincess. But my brain wouldn't let go of the idea. I think I figured out how to make this work, so I'm actually going to try it.

1) Hang two shower curtain rods (so I need to add a second one, or buy one of the 2-in-1 types). The curved kind would work well here since when the shower's not in use, the middle part that sticks out into the room won't be in the way of the toilet space in there. Bonus: This actually adds more space to showering room, which 6 foot tall DemonSpawn will greatly appreciate.

2) Hang a clear liner on easy glides on the interior rod.

3) Hang 2 decorative curtains to the left and right sides of the main rod. I like how the grommets look instead of hooks, so it may take me awhile to find the ones I want for this. Now I get all McGuyver on this shit.

4) Use clear packing tape (unless I can find something better, yes) - tape the side hem of the curtains nearest the wall down to the tile, all the way down, to prevent leakage/"That Damn Gap" on the far left and far right.

5) When open for display, clear liner is hidden by being pushed all the way to the side; when in use, there should be enough overlap between the liner and outside curtains to prevent any leakage or overspray from the middle of this arrangement.

6) Yay! Now to just find something not-ugly to put on the tile that looks nice in the middle. That sharp pointy sculpture shown on Buzz is just damn stupid and an accident waiting to happen.