Monday, July 15, 2013

HelloFlo Review

HelloFlo - another T.O.M. box (time of the month) to contrast with Bonjour Jolie.

Box was plain, but it came with an UBER cute little cloth caddy to hold your TOM supplies. It's a nifty item that you can set on the toilet lid or tuck under the sink or use for pretty much anything that can be stored in a cloth caddy. I did have a *snerk* moment that the pattern I received was red with big white dots on it. I suppose it could have been worse and been the opposite.. (however I do like the fabric).

Came with 1 little feminine wipe (rosewater scent, not a Playtex type). Also came with...sea salt Cocomels (I'm sensing a theme here hehe. It's summer though, chocolate would melt all over the place). The Cocomels were delish and I must have more. Lots and lots more. Vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and delish? MUST HAVE.

For $7 less than Bonjour and customizable ($14/mo for "short&heavy"), I think it was definitely worth the first month's fee because of the little caddy (seriously this thing is so cute).

Suggestions: I really wish one of these TOM companies would do the feminine wipes (1 per pad/tampon). They are not uber expensive, are lightweight, and really would round out the packages. I'm fine with a cheapie brand, just give me something to "keep that fresh feeling", okay??? Is that so much to ask? Huh? :P

The only real cons to this one are that they are not as individually customized as Bonjour Jolie. However, this may be a big deal later as both get more subscribers - this system is likely to be a lot easier to keep up with and more reliable than the "totally customized" ones. It's always sort of a balance because as a company grows, it becomes more difficult to do that 1-on-1 customer interaction out of sheer time constraint. 

Verdict? A+ with the caddy, but a solid B+ without.  (I originally gave this a C, but after tasting those Cocomels and looking up their price - $4 for that packet - I'm upgrading them. That was damn impressive.)

Check them out at HelloFlo